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Medway Droughtmaster

From Humble Beginings

In 1991 Medway Droughtmasters was formed when Hastings and his father Rob Donaldson had the vision to breed commercially focused bulls for the family properties in the Central Highlands. They purchased 400hd of breeders and 200 progeny from Bill Duggan Gympie, these were based on Swan and Alanray genetics. The female progeny of these cows were D1 registered and Medway Droughtmasters was born. 

Time and again, our Droughtmasters have demonstrated their invaluable contribution to our company, playing a pivotal role in our growth and success.

Medway Droughtmasters

Medway Droughtmaster

From humble beginnings Medway Droughtmasters has grown over the last 30 years selling genetics throughout Australia. Over these 30 years our breeder numbers and quality has significantly improved leading to the creation of the Donaldson Family Sale, enabling us to now offer all our Sale Bulls on property at “Medway” Bogantungan.

Crafted in the diverse landscapes of Bogantungan, these bulls embody a distinct blend of adaptability and resilience. Their unique capacity to thrive on both grain and grass attests to their versatility, a trait that we greatly appreciate.They come with an abundance of volume and ample bone, along with a quiet disposition that adds to their appeal. Medway genetics select to breed a consistent beef animal suited to our land scape that exhibits plenty of volume, ample bone, a quite deposition and clean coat while showing exceptional longevity in udders and feet and leg structure.

At our depot at Craigywarren the weaner bulls are developed on dryland crops, to ensure their healthy and sustainable development. The sale bulls are then sale prepared on a low grain ration silage mix to ensure their health, longevity & sustainability. Medway Droughtmasters have developed their worth, cementing their pivotal role in our company’s ongoing success and growth.

High Adaptability

Excellent Temperament

Highly Marketable

Clean Sleek Coats

Our Droughtmasters

We proudly offer an impressive selection of Medway Droughtmasters bulls.

This sustained growth and improvement in our breeders’ quality has paved the way for the Donaldson Family Sale. Today, we’re excited to make our high-quality Bulls available directly from our property at ‘Medway’ Bogantungan.

Each bull is meticulously selected for their fertility, temperament, sound structure, and exceptional carcass qualities – a testament to our commitment to commercial beef relevance honed over generations. Rest assured, you’ll always find a selection of top-tier articles ready in our paddock for your consideration.

If you even have an issue with an article, come and swap it for another one, no questions asked.

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Medway Droughtmasters

Medway Droughtmasters

Medway Droughtmasters Stud originates from the ranges of Bogantungan, where we run our breeders of a

Medway Droughtmaster

Bulls For Sale

Paddock bulls always available!

At Donaldson Family Sale, we maintain a consistent stock of robust and fertile articles, ready to enhance your herd and profitability at a moment’s notice.

Commercially Connected with Seedstock Sense

We buy large numbers of Medway Bulls Annually. These are bought from the Donaldsons’ paddock and range from young bulls to sale bulls, for joiners to our heifers, and as replacement herd bulls respectively. These Medway genetics have created an obvious improvement across our herd. We’re producing massive weaners that are quite easy to wean. This has created a much safer environment for our children and their future children.

John O’Sullivan from Jumba Holdings


After having considered shifting to black cattle before they sent bullocks, predominantly by Medway Bulls, to the meatworks which graded 85 per cent EU Grasslands. The family have been using Droughtmasters since 2010 as the breeds’ clean coat, tick resistance, heat and drought tolerance and feed conversion makes them the lower maintenance option. This means fewer dollars are spent on them in the paddock. Having a reasonable hump height means we still do well with our grasslands/ MSA grading.

Steven Kirby from Wonga, Nine Mile



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Medway Droughtmaster

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