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It was in 2018 after a visit to Texas USA we recognised the benefits and new dimensions Beefmaster cattle could bring to our business, thus the decision to AI with USA Beefmaster semen within our herd was established.

The first calf crop at the start of 2020 validated our decision, the consistency, bone, temperament, and correctness of the calves being a standout.
In 202, in conjunction with a site being held at Beef Australia and the creation of ‘Beefmaster Breeders Australia’, Donaldson Beefmasters was born.

Donaldson Beefmasters strives to bring forward the best Beefmaster genetics from the USA focusing on ‘Tom Lasater’s’ Six Essentials of Beef Production – fertility, weight, confirmation, milk production, hardiness and temperament.

Also coupled with these traits we have been mindful to add consistency and phenotype to the mix.

It’s early days for Beefmasters in Australia, but after seeing the progeny delivering solid benefits already, we are excited for what the future has in store.

Donaldson Beefmasters

Medway Droughtmaster

While our Donaldson Beefmasters breed is indeed recognised for its superior maternal qualities, it’s the breed’s high performance and exceptional carcass data that truly set them apart.

These bulls aren’t just fertile – they are all-round performers, shining in the feed yard and driving substantial profits. They have a knack for converting feed into pounds swiftly, which is a game-changer for any beef operation. This ability means you’re not spending an arm and a leg on feed just to get the weight gain you’re looking for.

In other words, our bulls offer an efficient and economical approach to beef production that truly gives you more bang for your buck. We offer better mass growth per day and a ten-year longevity to improve your herd and provide an exceptional return on your investment.

Bred using 2018 imported genetics from America, our Donaldson Beefmasters are run on Old Corry and ready to bring your beef production to new heights.

Higher Mass Growth Per Day

Excellent Fertility

Award Winning Bone Structure

Clean Sleek Coats

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Beefmaster Breeders Australia

Beefmaster Breeders Australia

The Beefmaster breed found its origins in the arid zones of the Southern United States. In the 1930's, Mr. Tom Lasseter set about using Brahman, Shorthorn and Hereford breeds to create an animal that met his needs.

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***Donaldson Family Sale***Friday 29th September 10:30am Medway Stn Bogantungan QLDLOT 97 COOROMAN ALFIE 106 (P) (AI)A high growth, deep sided, polled son of the mighty Logan (IMP US) with an impeccable temperament. Check out the squareness, big hip to pin while still maintaining lovely neck extension and adequate bone. Look at any successful pedigree in the Beefmaster breed in the USA and Logan will be there, with over 1800 recorded progeny to date.22 MTHS 782 KG 0 TEETH 12-8-131 EMA 5.7 IMF and 1.21 ADWGLot Video: Catalogue and Sup Sheet: ... See MoreSee Less
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***Donaldson Family Sale*** Friday 29th September 10:30 am 'Medway' Station Bogantungan. 12 Beefmaster Bulls on offer Lots 89-100Pictured below is Lot 89 DB Cinch (P) A family favorite, the decision to let 'Cinch' go has been hard. Normally a young bull of this caliber would be retained and used within our herd. Bone, depth, length, neck extension, coat type, temperament he's got it all. Sired by the ever-consistent WB Solution (IMP US) and out of a highly fertile female who has never missed. Her first calf was a retained heifer, has just weaned another AI bull calf by 'Logan' and is PTIC. ... See MoreSee Less
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Medway Droughtmaster

Bulls For Sale

Paddock bulls always available!

At Donaldson Family Sale, we maintain a consistent stock of robust and fertile articles, ready to enhance your herd and profitability at a moment’s notice.

Commercially Connected with Seedstock Sense

We buy large numbers of Medway Bulls Annually. These are bought from the Donaldsons’ paddock and range from young bulls to sale bulls, for joiners to our heifers, and as replacement herd bulls respectively. These Medway genetics have created an obvious improvement across our herd. We’re producing massive weaners that are quite easy to wean. This has created a much safer environment for our children and their future children.

John O’Sullivan from Jumba Holdings


After having considered shifting to black cattle before they sent bullocks, predominantly by Medway Bulls, to the meatworks which graded 85 per cent EU Grasslands. The family have been using Droughtmasters since 2010 as the breeds’ clean coat, tick resistance, heat and drought tolerance and feed conversion makes them the lower maintenance option. This means fewer dollars are spent on them in the paddock. Having a reasonable hump height means we still do well with our grasslands/ MSA grading.

Steven Kirby from Wonga, Nine Mile



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Medway Droughtmaster

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