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Medway Droughtmaster

Breeding A Legacy

The Donaldson Family has been benefiting from Droughtmasters genetics for the last forty years. Rob Donaldson (Hastings’ father) first introduced Droughtmaster bulls to Medway Station Bogantungan in the late 70’s to improve temperament, fertility and marketability to his existing herd. From there on, Medway station continued to benefit from using Droughtmaster genetics which then led into the idea of Medway breeding their own stud bulls.

In 1991, Medway Droughtmasters was formed when Hastings and his father Rob Donaldson had the vision to breed commercially focused bulls for the family properties in the Central Highlands. They Purchased 400hd of breeders and 200 progeny from Bill Duggan Gympie, these were based on Swan and Alanray genetics. The female progeny of these cows were D1 registered and Medway Droughtmasters was born.

The Expansion Of Medway Grazing

Today Medway Stud breeding herd has grown to incorporate “Medway” in the Bogantungan district “Craigywarren” “Old Corry” and “Oak Hole” in the Peak Downs district and “Coorambulla” in the Glen Echo district.

Medway Droughtmasters are bred for the commercial cattlemen with emphasis on adaptability, beef and bone while maintaining fertility, temperament and marketability.From humble beginnings Medway Droughtmasters has grown over the last 30 years selling genetics throughout Australia.

Over these 30 years our breeder numbers and quality has significantly improved leading to the creation of the Donaldson Family Sale, enabling us to now offer all our Sale Bulls on property at “Medway” Bogantungan.

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Medway Droughtmaster


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We buy large numbers of Medway Bulls Annually. These are bought from the Donaldsons’ paddock and range from young bulls to sale bulls, for joiners to our heifers, and as replacement herd bulls respectively. These Medway genetics have created an obvious improvement across our herd. We’re producing massive weaners that are quite easy to wean. This has created a much safer environment for our children and their future children.

John O’Sullivan from Jumba Holdings


After having considered shifting to black cattle before they sent bullocks, predominantly by Medway Bulls, to the meatworks which graded 85 per cent EU Grasslands. The family have been using Droughtmasters since 2010 as the breeds’ clean coat, tick resistance, heat and drought tolerance and feed conversion makes them the lower maintenance option. This means fewer dollars are spent on them in the paddock. Having a reasonable hump height means we still do well with our grasslands/ MSA grading.

Steven Kirby from Wonga, Nine Mile


Medway Droughtmaster

Proudly Medway Since 1908.

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