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A Tradition of Excellence

In the heart of the Australian countryside, there exists a legacy that spans four decades – The Donaldson Family Sale. A legacy built on a commitment to excellence in cattle breeding. The Donaldson Family has harnessed the power of Beefmasters and Droughtmasters genetics to not only enhance their herd but also to contribute to the wider cattle industry.

In the late 1970s, Rob Donaldson (Hastings’ father) recognised the need for improvement in his existing cattle herd. He introduced Droughtmasters to Medway Station Bogantungan, driven by the desire to enhance temperament, fertility, and marketability. Little did he know that this decision would set in motion a legacy that would shape the future of cattle breeding.

Donaldson Family Sale History

In 1991, Hastings and Rob Donaldson shared a vision of commercially focused bulls tailored for their family properties in the Central Highlands. This vision gave birth to Medway Droughtmasters. To kickstart this endeavour, they acquired 400hd of breeders and 200 progeny from Bill Duggan Gympie, rooted in the renowned Swan and Alanray genetics. The female progeny of these cows became the foundation of Medway Droughtmasters, marked by their D1 registration.

Over the years, the Medway Stud breeding herd has expanded to encompass not only “Medway” in the Bogantungan district but also “Craigywarren,” “Old Corry,” and “Oak Hole” in the Peak Downs district, and “Coorambulla” in the Glen Echo district. This geographical expansion reflects the family’s unwavering dedication to their craft and their commitment to bringing quality genetics to diverse landscapes.

At the core of our breeding philosophy is a commitment to commercial cattlemen. The emphasis is placed on adaptability, robust beef and bone structure, and the preservation of crucial traits like fertility, temperament, and marketability in each one of our articles. These qualities have been honed over decades of careful breeding and selection.

With over 30 years of relentless dedication, we have witnessed significant growth in breeder numbers and quality. This evolution culminated in the creation of the Donaldson Family Sale – a momentous occasion where all Sale Bulls are now offered on the property at “Medway” Bogantungan. This sale not only showcases the family’s achievements but also offers commercial cattlemen the opportunity to invest in top-tier genetics.

Why Choose The Donaldson Family Sale


Choosing the right breeders for your herd is crucial to achieving a better return on investment. Our legacy stands as a testament to our expertise and commitment. As you embark on your cattle breeding journey, consider the wealth of knowledge and experience that the Donaldson Family Sale brings to the table. Invest in a legacy that spans generations and discover the difference that comes with choosing the breeders who know best.

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